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Electricity is one of the most demanding expenses for businesses in the US.

Solar panels for commercial buildings make a lot of sense. With tax credits, depreciation, and grant money available, investing in commercial solar power is investing in your business.  Whether you purchase or lease your commercial solar system, lifetime savings generated by commercial solar power are typically in the hundreds of thousands (and even millions) of dollars!

STR Solar Power has designed and installed several commercial projects from roof installations, ground mounts, and car ports. Grid tied solar systems have come a long way when it comes to commercial solar and renewable energy investments. STR Solar Power uses the best high efficiency technology and low maintenance products, backed by an industry best warranty.

Utility Escalation

Utility rates are continuing to escalate year after year nationwide. And while utility companies continue to increase rates, commercial solar companies are doing the opposite. In fact, over the past decade, the cost of industrial solar panels has dropped by over 60%! Commercial solar investment allows you to lower your utility overhead and lock it in for future planning. For your business, a commercial solar installation means a secure, predictable future

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STR Solar Power is one of the top solar companies in Dallas, Texas. We consult you throughout the entire process and cover every detail along the way to help you become financially independent from utility companies!

STR Solar Power Takes Pride In 100% Customer Satisfaction.